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SimonA Psalm
JohnDo Love Your Neighbour
AndrewGood Morning
James II Give My Poem To The Spring
MatthewI Will Cover My Land
PhilipIn A Difficult Situation
ThomasPraised Be The Moon
James IIThe First Encounter
ThaddaeusThe Meaning of The Book
MatthiasThe Tree
BartholomewYes - We Do Love Our Country


The poems are basic stones in the walls of |: Trixnix :| as follows:

In Norwegian
ApostleWallsBasic stone
Peter_ toReubenForward
Bartholomew_ toSimeonYes - We Do Love Our Country
John_ toLeviDo Love Your Neighbour
James I_ toJudahI Give My Poem To The Spring
Philip_ toIssacharIn A Difficult Situation
Matthias_ toZebulunThe Tree
In English
ApostleWallsBasic stone
James II_ toDanThe First Encounter
Simon_ toNapthaliA Psalm
Andrew_ toGadGood Morning
Matthew_ toAsherI Will Cover My Land
Thomas_ toJosephPraised Be The Moon
Thaddeus_ toBenjaminThe Meaning Of The Book